workstation Wood System

The workstation Wood System is made of great material with a modern design have different colors available.

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Available size:

4 persons

W240xD120xH72 cm
W280xD120xH72 cm

W240xD140xH72 cm
W280xD140xH72 cm

2 persons

W120xD120xH72 cm
W140xD120xH72 cm

W120xD140xH72 cm
W140xD140xH72 cm

2 persons Lshape

W140xD280xH72 cm
W160xD240xH72 cm

W180xD240xH72 cm

4 persons Lshape

W280xD280xH72 cm
W360xD240xH72 cm

W380xD240xH72 cm

Note: Products Back on Order